Lauren Zappitelli

Designer / Selection Cordinator

Lauren was born with a love of all things home design in her blood. Upon graduating from Philadelphia University with a bachelor’s degree in Merchandising, she began her career at QVC as a buyer in the Home Decor Division. After 6 years of a dream job at an incredible company, a void her in career started to feel prominent. Lauren decided to attend Philly U once again, this time for a degree in Interior Design. At 28, she quit her stable corporate job and embarked on her new journey, started her own interior design business – Anchor Home Studios.

Lauren doesn’t necessarily have a specific design style, her aesthetic is more about creating a certain feeling when you walk into a home. Keeping in mind the everyday functional needs of her clients while maintaining a homey vibe is key. She strives to design spaces that feel put together but ready to be lived in. Spaces that evoke a warm & cozy, welcoming feeling and a place that promotes togetherness.

‘Our family is very close. We love that feeling of togetherness and want all of our clients to feel it on a daily basis too.  I have to say that the best part of my job is being able to blend my creative passions with my love of family on a day to day basis. I LOVE that mike and I are able to build beautiful homes and design special spaces together for other families to create new memories in. It is very important to both of us, and you will learn that on day one of working with us!’